Residential Roofing Inspection: Prepare Yourself

Residential Roofing Inspection

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Prepare for the Proliferation of Puns: A Shinglingly Easy Rooftop Primer

Your home’s roof crowns your castle, shielding you from Mother Nature’s fickle temperament. Shinglingly, it demands your attention for it to continue standing guard season after season. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, a bi-annual home roof inspection in the spring and autumn seasons is necessary to preemptively uncover any lurking issues. Grand Exteriors, based in Greenwood, DE, is here to guide you through the residential roofing inspection, ensuring your roof is shingle and always ready to jingle.

Bare Bones of Roof Inspection

So, what does a professional roof inspection involve? Echoing the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, it entails scouting for regions vulnerable to roof damage or those serenaded by shoddy installation practices. Areas like vents, pipes, chimneys, and other roof protrusions can become unwitting gateways for unwanted water seepage. Our residential roofing services focus on eliminating these leaky liabilities giving your home the protection it deserves.

The Life and Times of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

The National Association of Home Inspectors reminds us that a typical asphalt shingle roof lasts roughly two decades. However, meticulous inspection can extend this timeline, proving that a little roofing love goes a long way. Now, let’s ascend into the heart of the matter.

A User-Friendly Roofing Inspection Checklist

A DIY roof inspection may seem like a monumental task, but with careful planning and a pail-full of puns, it can be a stroll on your rooftop. Let’s delve into some key roofing inspection techniques and best practices for your home inspection.

Know the Signs of Roof Trouble

Start by walking around your abode, scouting for signs of external damage. You may stumble upon missing or curling shingles, broken gutters, or peeling flashing around vents or chimneys.

Inspect Your Attic

Next, move indoors to inspect your attic. Check for signs of water intrusion, which often presents as unsightly stains or streaks on the roof. Also, monitor for sagging areas that could hint at structural weaknesses.

Time to Call in the Pros

While a DIY roof inspection is feasible, inviting professional roofing inspection companies like Grand Exteriors can provide an in-depth, thorough examination. These pros bring extensive roofing inspection training, advanced tools, and a keen eye for detail that homeowners may lack.

FAQs: Your Curiosities, Shing-ly Busted!

1. How often should I schedule a professional roof inspection? Bi-annually – once in spring to clear winter damage and in autumn to prepare for the harsh winter months.

2. What’s the usual roofing inspection cost? Depending on the size and complexity of the roof, costs can vary. Contact Grand Exteriors for a personalized quote.

3. Are there residential roofing solutions for roofs past their prime? Absolutely. Depending on condition, repair or replacement might be necessary.

A Wind-up with Wisdom

Hinge on our punny pointers and maintain the crown of your castle robust and rain-proof. Now that you’re equipped with a simple-sounding, yet shingle-strong guide to residential roofing inspection, you’re ready to ensure the safety and longevity of your dwelling. It’s time to give your rooftop the love it needs and deserves- let’s get shingle and ready to jingle!


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