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Understanding Your Unique Roofing Needs

Whether you own a historic townhouse in Wilmington or a state-of-the-art office complex in Newark, you require a team of roofing experts that is proficiently equipped to manage projects of any size or complexity. At Grand Exteriors, we take pride in providing superior roofing services to both residential and commercial property owners in New Castle County, Delaware.

As a local company, we recognize the significance of affordability for both residential and commercial property owners in New Castle. That’s why we are committed to offering cost-effective roofing solutions without sacrificing quality.

When it comes to your roof, we believe that every resident deserves trustworthy protection without an exorbitant cost. Our dedication to affordability ensures that you achieve great value for your expenditure.

Our New Castle Locations

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Why Grand Exteriors is the Best Roofing Company in New Castle County

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Unparalleled Local Insight

Having dedicated numerous years to serving the New Castle County community, our roofing team holds an unparalleled local insight. We are intimately familiar with the distinct climatic conditions, building norms, and dominant architectural nuances of this region.

Such deep-rooted understanding positions us to craft precise roofing solutions tailored to the needs of both residential and commercial property owners in New Castle County.

From intense winter chills to heavy summer storms, our proficiency guides us to select and implement the most appropriate roofing materials, ensuring lasting resilience and endurance.

Individualized Solutions for Every Building

In New Castle County, every building has its unique narrative, complete with its inherent challenges and characteristics. This diversity drives our passion for delivering individualized roofing solutions to match the specific needs of our esteemed local patrons.

Be it an age-old manor requiring delicate restoration techniques or a state-of-the-art business edifice with distinct eco-efficiency needs, our team engages closely with you to carve out a roofing blueprint that not only meets but surpasses your goals.

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Undying Commitment to Quality and Mastery

At Grand Exteriors, our ethos is entrenched in executing each roofing endeavor with unmatched mastery and consistently delivering impeccable quality.

Our skilled and experienced roofing maestros employ avant-garde industry practices, the latest tools, and top-tier materials, ensuring that your roof stands as both a visual treat and a robust defense for your property.

Aware of the gravity of investing in a sturdy roof, our steadfast commitment to quality radiates through each step of our meticulous roofing procedure.

Cost-Efficient Roofing Solutions

Recognized as the premier roofing provider in New Castle County, we comprehend the importance of value-driven solutions for both residential and business property owners.

We extend a spectrum of cost-efficient roofing services designed to fit seamlessly within your budgetary constraints, yet never skimping on quality. With our transparent pricing model, competitive offerings, and diverse financing avenues, you’re assured excellent value for every dime spent.

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Our Services in New Castle County

Commercial Roofing Services

Business visionaries in New Castle County recognize the essence of a steadfast and durable roof over their enterprise. We've designed our commercial roofing services to cater to various entities, be it cozy cafes or expansive commercial hubs.

Residential Roofing

For those prioritizing home safety in New Castle County, our residential roofing services are without equal. We boast a range of choices from asphalt shingles to metal and tile roofing. With our cost-effective roofing solutions, you can trust that your home is under reliable protection.


In New Castle County's distinct meteorological conditions, where heavy downpours aren't rare, well-operating gutters are essential. They ensure prevention of water-related mishaps and fortify your property's structural health. Rely on our gutter setup and maintenance services to defend your investment.


Grand Exteriors excels in providing high-quality siding services in New Castle County, enhancing your property's aesthetic appeal and protection. We offer a wide range of siding options, from classic to contemporary, to suit your style preferences and budgetary requirements.

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Windows & Doors

Inhabitants of New Castle County are acutely aware of the need for energy optimization, especially facing the intense summers and frosty winters. Our services in windows and doors aim at amplifying energy thriftiness while also elevating the aesthetic appeal of your home or business space.

Roof Storm Damage Restoration

Storms in New Castle County can be ruthless on roofs. Should calamity strike in the form of boisterous winds, pelting hail, or tumbling debris, our roof storm damage mending services stand ready. We acknowledge the pressing need to restore your roof's fortitude and avert further detrimental impacts.

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